Block Boards

Block Boards

Block Boards are engineered wood products that are made from softwood strips that are at the centre with veneer layers above and below. The main feature of block board is that being soft wood it is light and hence transportation and use becomes easier. It is also preferred by many as its cost is less than that of plywood.

Our Products

We supply top quality Block Boards in Malaysia. When you buy our block board products, you can be assured of its quality. We use the best softwood sourced from authentic vendors to make our wood products. All our products go through stringent quality checks to ensure that you get the best quality. Our block boards are ML Hardwood -weight and also strong and long lasting in nature. Working on block board is easy for carpenters as it does not bend.


They are used typically to make long pieces of furniture like the ones used in panels, benches, and shelves. It is also used to make windows and flush doors as it is lightweight. Block board is very economical, when compared to plywood and MDF and hence is preferred for interior work in homes. However, it is not as strong as plywood.