Face Veneers

Face Veneers


Face Veneers Keruing / Kapur / MLH makes use of veneers from Keruing /Kapur or Mixed Light hardwood. This is one of the types of timber used in Malaysia. The forest wood is used to make the natural face veneers. The veneer is peeled from the logs of the Tropical trees and is made into veneers. This can be made into different sizes and thickness, as per the requirements of customers.

Our Products

We are well known in the market for making the best Face Veneers in Malaysia. We get MLH wood from authentic sources and ensure the best quality of logs is selected for the manufacture process. With latest machinery and technology in our manufacturing plant to ensure that the products we manufacture are as per specifications. We have robust quality assurance processes to ensure quality.


Face Veneer is mainly used in making Plywood, Block Boards, Veneerd Boards . It presents a better visual appeal and is used where there is a requirement for premium finish on wood. Conference room tables, office tables, receptions desks need best quality finish and hence veneer is preferred for this. They are also used to make products like soap boxes, chocolate boxes, wine boxes, and premium gift boxes.