Film Faced Plywood

Film Faced Plywood

Phenolic Film Faced Plywood WBP is plywood made from hardwood and uses a premium phenolic coating on the surface. It makes use of WBP glue to ensure that the plywood is weather and boil proof in nature. This is a very durable type of plywood and has wide applications.

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Our Film Faced Plywood are best quality & with Best Phenolic Glue Malaysia. While making this plywood, the best quality of veneer is used. The WBP glue makes the plywood very strong and weather resistant. This also makes it the best suited type of plywood for outdoor use. The advantage of using WBP glue in the process is that it makes the plywood able to handle boiling water not just for a few hours, but also for two to three days. That is the reason WBP plywood is weather resistant and used for outdoor applications.


Phenolic film plywood WBP is typically used for wood work that is exposed to the weather. It is used in the construction of wooden walls, doors, and is also used in beams and other applications. Due to its sturdy nature, it is also used in making interiors in making furniture and in formwork also.