Flexible Bending Plywood

Flexible Bending Plywood


Flexible Plywood MR is moisture resistant plywood that is flexible in nature. It can be used to make curved type of wood products. The nature of the product is such that it can be bent easily and will not break off or split. It is made from hardwood and is therefore strong.

Our Products

We supply Flexible Plywood MR in Malaysia for various applications. The flexible plywood we make is light weight in nature depends on the species, That makes it easy during transport and also in the process of construction. Even after it is laminated, it is able to retain its bent or curved form. This makes it very suitable in interior d├ęcor and furniture making. It can be bent by hand without any problems. It is available in both long grain and short grain types.


Flexible plywood is ideally suited for making products that required curved or bent wood, like in furniture. Rocking chairs, book cases, drawing room fancy tables, construction of round Pillars are some of the types of furniture where it can be used. It can also be used in columns in buildings, and is popularly used in temporary structures in exhibitions. It is also used in film and TV sets.