Melamine Faced Plywood MDF Particle

Melamine Faced Plywood MDF Particle

Melamine Faced Plywood / MDF /ParticleBoards has a core that is made of Hardwood Species. Melamine film is bonded to the core in a process that makes use of heat and pressure. The process makes the plywood hard, strong, and also durable. Apart from this, it is also waterproof in nature and scratch proof. This is the reason for its wide application. It has smooth surface with high visual quality.

Our Products

The best type of Melamine Faced Plywood / MDF /ParticleBoard in Malaysia can be purchased from us. The melamine coating gives it strength. Apart from being waterproof, it is also resistant to chemicals. This makes it a great choice for home furniture, where it can be cleaned easily using detergents. The outside melamine is white and it is suitable for decorative purpose, like for making display shelves.


Melamine faced plywood/MDF/ParticleBoard has multiple applications. It is used in making all types of furniture. It is also in making toys. It is also used in shops, in exhibition while making stalls, and in workshops and also in vehicle conversions. It can be used in interior cladding, as fittings in kitchens (as it is water and chemical proof), and even in offices.