Pre Laminated Plywood

Pre Laminated Plywood

Pre Laminated Plywood BWR is plywood that is laminated on the face and back. A synthetic resin is used to laminate the plywood. BWR is Boiling water resistant. This type of plywood is weather resistant. Plywood is generally purchased separately and the lamination is glued on it before use. This is a cumbersome process and to avoid it, pre laminated plywood boards are used, which are much more convenient.

Our Products

The Pre Laminated Plywood BWR in Malaysia that we supply is weather resistant in nature. It can handle extreme weather conditions and is also moisture-resistant in nature. The plywood is laminated by making use of special phenolic resins. This gives it a more durable property. It is thus strong and long lasting in nature. It is also able to withstand termite and borer infestations. The density is made high by using high pressure during manufacture.


The pre laminated plywood is used in multiple applications. It can be used in both interior as well as exterior applications. It can be used in making furniture. It is also used to make doors, partitions, cabinets, shelves, etc. It is also used is bus body shuttering and many other applications