Structural Bracing Plywood

Structural Bracing Plywood

Structural Bracing Plywood WBP is a special plywood product that is ideally suited for structural bracing while constructing houses. The WBP glue used ensures it is water and boil proof increases its weather resistant property. This further enhances its applications in the construction of houses and buildings.

Our Products

We offer the best quality Structural Bracing Plywood WBP in Malaysia.This is made from the best quality hardwood. This plywood is made as per International standards to ensure it is strong and can be used for bracing in buildings. It provides strength to the building toughening it and making it able to withstand strong wind and earthquakes. The products we make undergo thorough testing to confirm it meets specifications in standards.


Structural bracing plywood is used in building construction. It is used in roof bracing, wall bracing, and also for sub floor bracing. Apart from bracing, it also acts as a wind barrier and is very useful for protection during the construction phase. It is also used for cladding. The WBP property of the plywood increases its weather resistance making the plywood product stronger. It is also very durable and last for more than 50 years.