Structural Plywood

Structural Plywood

WBP stands for Water Boil Proof. WPB is the best type of weather resistant plywood. Structural plywood is Structural plywood is manufactured from hardwood as well as softwood veneers. Based on the quality of the face and back veneer, it is classified in terms of quality from A to D. Essentially, structural plywood makes use of A-Bond and B-Bond glues. Structural plywood is best suited for external applications, since it doesn’t become weak when exposed to any changes in the weather.

Our Products

The Structural Plywood WPB in Malaysia that we supply is manufactured as per International standard specifications. During the manufacture process, we use the best quality material for manufacture.The product istested thoroughly to verify it meets specifications. The Structural plywood has a superior quality and the face as well as back is sanded. Phenol-formaldehyde resin A-bond glue is used in the manufacture process.


The Structural Plywood WBP we manufacture are weather-resistant in nature and hence highly suitable for external use. It can be used in the construction of wooden walls. It is also used to make packaging material. It is used in the construction of building. It is also used to make beams and in roofing.