Urethane Coated Plywood

Urethane Coated Plywood


In plywood MR stands for Moisture resistant. Water is one of the enemies of wood. So moisture resistant plywood is preferred in all applications. It is also referred to as commercial plywood. Urethane coated plywood is made from strong plywood and has a coating of urethane paint on its surface. This makes it highly sturdy and long lasting.

Our Products

When you buy the best quality Urethane coated Plywood MR in Malaysia from us, you can be assured of getting the best quality durable plywood that is moisture resistant. The plywood is manufactured during strict quality assurance processes and as per International specifications. Thorough testing is done to ensure the end product is strong and durable. The MR tag indicates it can resist moisture and humidity. This plywood is more suited for indoor applications. It should be noted that MR is not water proof but is moisture resistant.It also is resistant to abrasion and is environment friendly.


Urethane Coated Plywood MR is used for most commercial applications. It is used in making furniture. Tables, chairs, sofas, showcases, and other furniture used in homes as well as offices can be made using this type of plywood.