Veneered MDF

Veneered MDF

MDF is Medium density fiber board. It is an engineered product that is much more dense as compared to plywood. Veneered MDF has a veneer surface that is decorative. It enhances the look and appearance of the MDF. The veneer is bonded to a premium MDF.

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We are known in the market for being the supplier of Veneered MDF in Malaysia/Vietnam & Thailand, Veneered MDF manufacture is a fairly complex process. Here Natural Decorative veneer is taken (usually 0.55 to to 0.8mm mm thick) and is wrapped around the MDF by using pressure and stretching processes. Simple profiles would be need to be used, else it may tend to break once it is dried out. The veneer used on the MDF is A and B grade face Decorative veneer.


Veneered MDF is mostly used for interior wood work and also in interior decoration. It is used to make doors that would be strong or also have a good look. It is used mainly in interior paneling in houses and offices. It helps to create a great appearance for the interiors. It is also used in shop fittings and in making cabinets. This type of wood products are commonly used in school projects.